Friday, 3 June 2011

New projects

So recently I haven't had much energy for drawing and painting and this is why - I'm pregnant. 18 weeks - 3 weeks until that scan picture gets updated! I was very ill with it up until a couple of weeks ago so got literally nothing done, but now I'm feeling better I've had two photoshoots.

While I love drawing and painting, photography is so instantly creatively satisfying and you capture moments you just couldn't possibly capture in the length of time it takes to paint a portrait. I always paint from photographs for this reason.

Here are a couple of my favourite shots, but you can see the full sets on my facebook page - Molly McCausland Photography.

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Kitty Ballistic said...


Fantastic photos (as always), but I particularly love the second photo - gorgeous tones and lighting, and the model is just beautiful.