Friday, 26 March 2010

And it passes

So my cold has passed. I managed to avoid Swine Flu completely, and then get a cold in March. Bah.

Today I got to Blackburn for college and realised I didn't have money for parking, petrol home or lunch. There were many reasons for this financial fuck up, partly my fault and partly Frank's, but either way I ended up just going home at 50mph with the petrol light on. Oh yes, I live life on the edge.

So I came home, started playing Bioshock, died spectacularly, gave up and played Need for Speed Shift for a while. I totally *heart* Need for Speed, but I liked the street racing ones more. I have, however, made my car yellow like my actual car. I am a geek.

Have another comic anyway, the boxes on this one were drawn by Kelly. That is why they are a bit weird. 

Also: Here is another video courtesy of Rachel. She's like our reporter. Just send her off with my phone and she returns with an epic documentary!

Back to college on Tuesday - I can't wait!

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